Welcome to the Helston Sasso Twinning Association


Twinning works for the community to expand its horizons and reach out to like-minded people further away.  We encourage art, sport, youth, music and much more to involve themselves in the sharing of skills with our overseas neighbours and friends.

The town of Helston, Cornwall has been twinned with Sasso Marconi, Italy since 1968 and our bond is going from strength to strength. 

Modern technology has made it easier for travel arrangements and communications, however they could never replace experiencing the warmth and generosity of a host town.

Visiting a country during a holiday break is not comparable to being accepted into the heart of a home and meeting real people, in real homes and living their way of life.  It is very rewarding for children and adults to experience different lifestyles and learn a different language.  The friendships between the people of Helston and Sasso Marconi have developed over the years and we consider each other to be extended family.

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